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Why Do Rappers Wear Yankee Hats?

called "Medical malpractice". Investigation into political interference in the Italian health-criminal (part I)

February 28, 2011. Michienzi Sara, nine, dies after an operation for removal of the tonsils in the department of otolaryngology hospital Lamezia Terme (Catanzaro). One of those interventions known as "routine" that should have no contraindications and that doctors should carry out practically with your eyes closed.
But something goes wrong.
Why did Sarah die after a few days to a 'haemorrhage developed around the operated area' but also - as stated in the autopsy report - 'a concomitant respiratory failure. " That same respiratory depression which prompted his mother, Isabella Notaro to take her to the emergency room. " alright, do not worry 'was the answer. Probably the same as in 2003, Ms. Notaro was heard to say when her husband dies of a heart attack after being hospital in Vibo Valentia to be examined. Or maybe the same answer I gave in December 2007 to parents of Eva Ruscio, 16, died of a tracheotomy, or the parents of Federica Monteleone, also 16 year old and she died in hospital in Vibo following a power outage while in the operating room.

In all these cases the password was one of the journalists: malasanit à . Between the end of April 2009 and December 2010 - according to data from the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the errors in the health and causes of the regional health deficits presided exponent IdV Leoluca Orlando - to Michienzi Sara is the 78th case of medical malpractice case in Calabria out of a total of 326 throughout the country.
What immediately stands out from reading the local news is that in the team who worked on the case of Sarah was Gianluca Bava, investigated and then cleared "For not having committed the crime" to investigate the case of Eve. Maybe just a tragic fate, or maybe something different will be the task of the judiciary to investigate.

Beyond the names, however, what is obvious - as in Calabria, Lombardy, Lazio, as in Campania - is that rather than a problem of names, the Italian health system has a problem of appointments , and that is why I speak of "medical malpractice" means everything and means nothing.

In November 2009, the Ministry for Equal Opportunity filed a spot against homophobia (from the setting hospital) that asked the viewer to the degree of interest of certain characteristics of the staff - in more or less theoretical - could one day save his life.
deleted from that spot all the work done in the specifics of the fight against homophobia (and thus ignoring all the debate that came out, as this is not what interests me here), we might add a small but crucial question, which might sound more or less like this:

" Of this you more interested to know if it belongs to a gang, a party, or not you care? "

Why is this, today, the first question to ask when you are faced with a white coat. This applies to hospitals in Vibo, where the ' Provincial Health Agency was dissolved for mafia infiltration last December as well as in health care that is modeled on the wishes of the Lombard policy

In this first part of the hypothetical " Tour of Italy in poor health care "remain in the South, starting our tour in the health of Calabria, where between 'ndrine parties and it's not clear who would be" criminal. " In the second episode, however, we will to discover the "system of Puglia" in the fight Tarantini-German and the acquittal of Nichi Vendola that he wanted to change the law because he is unable entrusting a post of Director General to his pupil. In the third and last part, however, go up to the north. Let's see what happens in Lombardy in the shadow of Communion and Liberation.
But step by step ...

Jazzolino, the hospital of wrongdoing
Serious deficiencies in terms of sanitation and prevention of accidents at work, number of deaths suspect (except in the case of Sarah, the other three reported cases occurred in opening all the "Jazzolino"); bribes; procurement and recruitment controlled by 'ndrine and at least one case of defacement of the corpse (as reported by the agency Adnkronos, January 13 last year, the special commissioner of the ASP Vibo Alessandra Sarlo has ordered a precautionary measure the removal of an officer guilty of having specialized extract the dentures of an elderly woman recently deceased). These are just some of the warnings about the Civil Hospital of Vibo, which was conceived as a structure instead of specialization (" spoke" in technical jargon) as regards the fields of Medicine General, General Surgery, Anesthesia, Orthopedics, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Neurology, Acute Dialysis, Emergency Endoscopy, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, ENT, Urology, Emergency Medicine and Radiology services "h 24". In short, on paper the hospital would be one of the focal point of the lattice health Calabrian and instead went to the news as "the hospital of shame". Yet in the hospital, according to certify the ASL vibonese in 2008, there were even 153 highly skilled physicians, including this surgeon who had made exempt from the operating room because a friend of the bottle too.

Apparently the requirements for obtaining the high specialization were others.

"It's a very complicated discussion, that the health of Calabria. (...) There's a gray area of \u200b\u200bwidespread lawlessness. And do not forget that the hospital is Vibo Commissioner for mafia infiltration. "
What kind of mafia infiltration we talking about?
"Contracts, Jobs for the new hospital services such as soup kitchens, laundry ... the presence in the local health authorities of persons who had formed part of a mafia organization"
(...) "A Vibo There are very good doctors, would be a grave mistake to generalize. There are cases like that of Eva Ruscio involving a pure medical error, which can happen in Milan, Florence, Palermo ... the other thing is to want to work at all costs in an operating room is not suitable, as was the case Monteleone . There is not just doctors, are the responsibility of those who ran the scheme '

claimed a few days ago the chief prosecutor Mario Spagnuolo in an interview with Corriere della Sera (in this article: http: / / ).

If Federica Monteleone, however, there is a whole series of questions - still looking for answers - that revolve around the figure of the former Chief Prosecutor of Vibo Alfredo Laudon, which would have allowed not only that the investigation departed late (so as to allow the 'pollution right from the start), but also is guilty of the offenses of false ideologies, omission of official acts and abetting, the GUP of Salerno Vincenzo Di Florio translated in 1 year and 8 months (suspended sentence) ordered to pay court costs and compensation of all moral and material damages.
is clear that the work of Laudon be spoiled by something or someone wanting to cover. Who (or what), But we can not know.

hands on the hospital (which is not).
To understand how tempting the pie of health Calabrian enough to consider one fact: 80% of public expenditure in the region is allocated to this sector. It is therefore discounted the involvement of 'ndrine (that of Mancuso, of White and Fiara). The Local Health disbanded last December is practically owned by them. The tenders for the contracts are virtually non-existent or because every time you used the extensions because they are parceled out or not to go to get under the lens of anti-mafia control. All this, of course, in the interests of the few local companies that share each € (public) allocated by the Region. That the companies due to the 'ndrine, then, is a type of competition that swallows everything, just weighing - for example - that company that takes care of meals in the north to the hospital which took eight grandchildren Rosario Fiara the boss (not counting various affiliates and "sympathizers") or the company who are assigned work on the air-conditioned building, whose technical director is the boss's son-White Caramel.

The competition 'is a competition ndrine sleale e lo sappiamo. Sleale quasi quanto quella dei partiti. Ed è difficile, se non impossibile, capire quale delle due metastasi sia quella più distruttiva.

Il “boom” degli ospedali.
Nella Piana di Gioia Tauro sono sette: Palmi, Polistena, Rosarno, Taurianova, Oppido, Mamertina, Gioia Tauro, Cittanova. In tutto ce ne sono 42 (38 le cliniche private), in alcuni casi costruiti con decreto emergenziale della Protezione Civile.
Sette ospedali che, nell'ottobre del 2007, non riescono a salvare la vita a Flavio Scutellà, dodici anni, che muore as a result of a hematoma that was procured from the head on the pavement. Flavio die because there is no place in a hospital or an ambulance that can go there to take it or - even - there is not even first aid.
Because those seven hospitals are "electoral hospitals, good only as a bag from which to draw ratings (in exchange) for the political class. All, without exception. But where, however, controls the UDC.

Tengo company ...
"I would like a company that is UDC." To say it is, in 2006, Santo Garofalo, former director generale della Asl numero 8 di Vibo. «Non ti dimenticare» - spiegava lo stesso in un'altra intercettazione - « Vibo è di Tassone e non di Ranieli né di quegli altri né di Stillitani. Le tre aziende: una di Galati, una di Tassone e l'altra di Trematerra ». Mario Tassone, parlamentare Udc fino al 2008 nella Commissione parlamentare d'inchiesta sul fenomeno mafioso. Pino Galati, Unione di Centro anche lui e nel 2003 accusato – insieme ad Emilio Colombo e Gianfranco Micciché – nell'ambito dello scandalo droga nella Roma “bene” (lo stesso scandalo che coinvolse anche l'altro Udc Mele) e Gino Trematerra, stesso partito ed attualmente parlamentare europeo.
Ranieli, invece, è Michele Ranieli, Udc anche lui, che nel 2004 si incontra con il pentito Domenico Cricelli: « Eh, hai visto chi sono io...i lavori che gli faccio prendere a Lello Fusca, però se non mi dà 1 milione e 700 mila euro, il lavoro, non glielo faccio prendere » sarebbero state le parole pronunciate da Ranieli. Il condizionale è d'obbligo quando si parla di pentiti.
Quel che è certo, però, è che chi avrebbe vinto l'appalto per la costruzione del nuovo ospedale avrebbe dovuto dare il 2% dello stesso all'Udc. Non per corrompere o tenersi amico qualche esponente locale. Quel 2% era destinato ai vertici nazionali.
L'azienda scelta per vincere l'appalto e il Consorzio Tie di Domenico Liso e Domenico Scelsi (entrati anche loro nelle indagini), un consorzio il cui vero compito era esclusivamente quello di fare da tramite tra “il territorio” e la sede romana del partito. Era stato proprio uno degli esponenti di spicco dell'Udc – denominato “ il dottore ” - a far assegnare l'appalto a Tie.
1.765.000 euro l'importo totale della tangente (quanto meno della prima rata), nascosta in 16 cambiali con le quali onorare il “contratto di progettazione” stipulato tra la P&P Costruzioni di Lamezia Terme (prima subappaltatrice dei lavori) e la Icop spa. Impresa, quest'ultima, di proprietà della stessa Tie.
From that million and seven hundred sixty-five thousand euro, however, you have to remove four hundred thousand that would be used to pay the rup (Head of the Procedure Act) Francesco Vitiello drive him to the contract and other six hundred and ninety thousand went to George Campisi, 66 , surveyor and leader of the UDC in Sicily who would take over the "security on the site" (translation: keep the good 'ndrine).

In all this, however, there must also be said that there were those who tried to change things (as we shall see also in "bet Lombard"). Doris Lo Moro until 30 November 2007 Department of Health was the junta Loiero. But Ms Lo Moro had a small "defect" would not allow "his", those of the Democratic Party, to enter the business.
But the chances of success were below zero. Suffice it to say that among his enemies was Peppino Biamonte, the same as it was - literally - to get false papers for € 500,000 to the clinic Anya Villa Domenico Crea, the "god" ASL Reggio 11 of which responded Biamonte with a more than eloquent "orders" every time he lifted the phone.
And speaking of private, throughout this story there is also room for men God: Don Alfredo Luberto is the owner of the nursing home of Pope John Serre, near Cosenza. How many, as too many, he also lavished the region a part of that money would have to go, specifically, to the care of 363 patients at the nursing home. Patients who instead lived in filth and with the scab on him while Monsignor Luberto includes pictures (not to mention the fourteen cars owned by him), to furnish their apartment with luxury furniture and of course, thought of the "care" of your bank account. Evidently
Monsignor Luberto - to quote a note joke - is that spiritual current that will not die in poverty as the Christ which fill the mouth.
But that's another story ...

(1 - Continued)


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